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Top 5 ideas to add in your Sicilian Wedding stationery, for non traditional weddings

Weddings in Sicily are something truly special, but it's easy to fall for the typical designs with lemons and ceramics.

I've designed personalised wedding stationery for 3 weddings in the past year, and for each wedding we achieved a really personal and unique feel that will look different to all other Sicilian weddings.

Here's what I love to include:

The sun and the moon

I love adding this classical Sicilian symbol which is also so romantic

The location

Locations in Sicily are so stunning, if you're getting married in Sicily I would absolutely think about adding the venue to some of your stationery. It also guarantees that your wedding stationery will be unique.

If you're thinking about getting personalised wedding stationery for your wedding get in touch with me

Mount Etna

I havent seen many invitations for weddings in Sicily that feature Mount Etna, I love how this envelope liner looks, with the volcano in the background.

Sicilian Figs

This motif gets used quite a bit in Sicilian wedding stationery, but with the right color mixes it can look stunning and not so typical.

If you're getting married and are looking for really special and personalised wedding stationery contact me!

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