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A branding and illustration studio specialising in events and hospitality

Why us?

At Ofelia Botella Studio, we share your goals to get your business to the next level. Our unique approach to visual identity and focus on illustration will really help you stand out, and create a brand that stays with your customers a long time after they've left your establishment. 

We understand your market, your ideal client, your industry’s trends, and the challenges you face. With our floating agency flexibility and expertise, our team of professionals will create an unforgettable visual brand for your business.

Ofelia Botella Studio was created to help businesses and individuals in hospitality and events have a memorable impact in 

 – any company whose mission includes hosting customers, whether for a 5 minute grab and go coffee, or a long weekend.


We know you want to see your customers thriving - and this is our goal with your brand and business - to see you thrive.

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Endlessly creative

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Thoughtful and caring



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We're a floating agency

A floating agency is an agency that has its own employees and contractors but also keeps a network of specialized freelancers ready when needed.

At Ofelia Botella Studio, Ofelia is the main brand strategist and illustrator, but we also partner with freelancers and contractors around the world to bring in the best experience for our clients. As an example, if you want to boost your brand with copy writing or a website,  we’ll find the best copywriter and web designer with expertise in branding and web design for hospitalitty to help with your project.

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